What readers have to say:

A great beach read....makes you want to reconsider going to the dentist. Some surprises towards the end of the book!!!
--------------------- MT

I work in a salon and was told by many clients to read this book. I can't stop reading because I became involved with the crazy characters in the book and wanted to find out what happened next! Very good ending.
--------------------- Nail Salon

I read the book while on vacation and loved it! It was a fast read. I didn't want to put it down. I found it amazing about what could go on behind the scenes in a dental office. The ending was great!
--------------------- iTravel

Lori Fran's writing style starts off different but before you know it, you feel like it's an old friend telling you a story over coffee. You just can't wait to hear what happens next! Has good mix of insight and surprises. A great book for the summer!
--------------------- Read9973

WOW! The things written in this book were so hilarious, shocking and all around an eye opener... does stuff like this really happen? Easy read.. definately recommend!

I could not put this book down. It's also a look behind the scenes of the dental office. I was surprised at the actions of the dentists, and then I remembered some of the things I've personally gone through with dentists that are quite shocking. The story is compelling and also has humor and insight. thank-you for writing this. I don't think many people write about this subject. Most of all, it was fun to read!
--------------------- Rosellen

Going Dental in New Jersey 
A new novel by Lori Fran

When the psychiatrist she works for retires, Lily Morgan answers an ad for a front desk position with a dental office. The dentist turns out to be a foul-mouthed bigot and she leaves. Thus starts Lily's new career of dental office manager and chronicler of abherrent dentist behaviors. Having become knowledgeable about dental matters, Lily seeks and finds successive employment with one weird dentist after another, but one practice clearly stood out -- the husband and wife dental team!

She loves her new job. It is a short commute from her home, and she has a pleasant relationship with the patients. However, she soon discovers that her new employers, a husband and wife dental practice, are in a dysfunctional marriage. Dr. Robert Z. Jacobs cannot stop dumping his problems on Lily, and even though she knows better, Lily cannot stop listening. He is at her desk most of the day — between patients and sometimes even during patients. Dr. Jacobs explains. “It´s okay. I have time. The patient is getting numb.”

Against her better judgement, Lily becomes personally involved in their problems. She constantly questions why she is allowing herself to be part of the toxic atmosphere in the office. Why does she continue to stay? Dreams about her childhood may give her a clue. Unorthodox dental practices, which are all too common, come to light, as well as the realization that what may appear normal to patients, may in fact be an illusion.

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Going Dental
About the author:
Lori Fran has been a dental office manager for several different dental offices. The characters in Going Dental in New Jersey are a compilation of the many dentists and patients she has known along the way. She lives with her husband on the east coast, and considers her greatest achievement to be her four adult children who are among the world's "greatest human beings." She also is very grateful to have survived all of the teenage years.

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